Specialising in Hairdressing


At MAASS Palm Cove we create the total look for you. Hair styling, cutting, colouring and use only Redken products. One on One service in Palm Cove.

Note: All prices for Maass colours and perms do not include cut or blow-dry.

Maass Cuts

Womens Style Cuts

Wet cut, basic tidy up, just freshen up your ends.
Includes Redken Leave In treatment, back to beach or pool protection
$58 (all lengths)
Fringe trim $10 - $15
Wash $15

Womens Style Cuts and Blow Wave

All include wash + Maassage blow wave
Short $69.5
Medium $76.5
Long $80-$92

Men's Cuts

Clipper cut $30
Basic wash wet cut $38
Style cut w/ wash $46
Long style cut $56
Beard trim $10 - $15

Children's Cuts

Children $35 (up to 13 yrs)
Teens $46 (13-17 yrs)
Teens colour from $75

Maass Styling

Blow dry / set / round brush

Short $46
Medium $56
Long $68
Extra for tongs / ghds  

Express Lane "blow-wave"

Wash & blowout straighten with GHds

Full-head of Ghd Curls / Tongs $67 - $72 (short - medium)
  $73 - $83 (medium - long)

Hair Up Styling

Unwashed $75 - $95
Washed, blow wave plus hair up $150
1/2 hair up from $75
Clip ons and hair pieces are extra  

Maass Perming

Redken Perms $135 (short)
  $145 (medium)
  $185 (long)

Keratin & Straighten Treatments

All with treatment and blow wave
Short $370
Medium $440
Long $520
Roots only $425

Maass Redken Chemistry Treatments

3 Shot Treatment -Voted best "pool/beach treatment"

Treatment + massage $42 (30 mins)
Treatment only $30

Heat Cure Delux T3 Treatment

Top treatment from Redken
Short $40
Medium $55
Long $60

Maass Colouring

Permanent colour full head
*extra $25 for extra-long and thick

$105 (short)
$127 (medium)
$147 (long)


Roots only


Freshen up mid lengths and ends with a shiny glaze or tone out orange and yellow


Roots Redken high lift blonde


Roots Chromatics ammonia free


Colour corrections

$200 up

Semi permanent

$77 (short)
$92 (medium)
$108 (long)

Redken bleaching roots/tone with PH Bonder Redken


Full-head bleaching
Short only with full/semi tone and PH Bonder


Long hair on site quote only


Urban beats Redken's bright colours - on site quote. Come see the rainbow...


Colouring Foils

with full Redken toner/glaze

Fashion foils $46 - $57
T-Section $75
Half head $155
Full head $165 (short)
$179 (medium)
$215 (long)

Redken PH Bonder treatment

only $25

Take home Redken PH Bonder treatment


Single foil

$15 each

Obra with toner/glaze

from $167

Good old fashion streaks (cap) with toner
short only


Men's Colouring

Camo $60
Permanent $85
Foils $75
Shoe shine $59
Foils + Camo $145
Long hair extra $25

Other Services

Eyelash tint $18
Eyebrow tint $18
Eyelash + Eyebrow $32

Wedding Menu

all wedding bookings are taken by email only

Bride (2hrs approx. time) $190.00
Bridesmaid (1.5hrs) $160.00
Flower-girl (45mins) $55.00
Call out fee per person $49.00

Maass Miscellaneous Products

Hair dryers  
Hair bands  
Hair buns  
Small hair sprays  

Travel size shampoo and conditioner